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Medical School

Amboss is a better tool to learn the material than UWorld. It was harder than Uworld, but gave me a better grasp of clinical knowledge I encountered on my clinical rotations.

Sketchy is the best way to learn micro and pharm. It has now become the standard for these subjects on boards. You’ll see a lot of second and third-order questions stemming from what sketchy teaches. By far my favorite medical resource, and dare I say, it made learning some topics fun.

UWorld is the gold standard for boards. It provides you everything you need to know – you must to use it. It also teaches you how to take the boards. 

Law School

I used Quimbee to prime learning before readings,  greatly improving my comprehension. The courses are also great for finals prep.

Adaptibar is the gold standard for bar prep question banks. The algorithm learns which areas you’re struggling in to emphasize those areas. I prioritized these MCQs over my comprehensive course.

I can’t recommend the Critical Pass flashcards enough – they were instrumental for bar prep. I copy and pasted the deck into Anki to take advantage of spaced repetition.  


I’m convinced mirrorless cameras are going to takeover. This camera is lightweight, captures vivid color, and allows streamers to link directly to OBS.

After a lot of research, we determined this was the best affordable mic on the market for streaming (only $50). 

This is the only lens you need for streaming, vlogging, and talking head videos. It captures a perfect wide-angle, and has a low aperture, so it captures well in low light and can blur your background.

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